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Driven by a passion for wine, Françoise and Stéphane Dief produced their first vintage in 1998.

"We turned our garage into a makeshift wine cellar and made our first wine in 1998. Just 600 bottles.
The kind of wine we love to drink, carefully crafted down to the finest detail, a very precise wine we know you’d love to drink too."

1998: The first harvest, the one that set our high standards for quality

Our first harvest showed us just how much we wanted to produce the best wine imaginable.
But to become true winegrowers we first had to create our vineyard.
So, over the last 15 years, alongside producing our own wine, we have been running our own business managing estate wineries, which has also funded our purchase of new vines.

The development of the Clos Manou vineyard

We have spent the last 15 years looking for just the right plots of land, which means parcels of tightly-packed vines, i.e. 10,000 vines per hectare—simply perfect for our needs.
So, little by little, we have created our estate, still driven by the same passion, the same sense of detail, the same dedication to precision… growing from 1200 square metres to 18 hectares today through acquisitions including a Cru artisan vineyard of four hectares and a Cru bourgeois of seven hectares.

Investing in efficiency

At the same time as forming our vineyard, we have invested in buildings and equipments to give our noble grapes the very best environment and to guarantee quality.
We now have two new buildings:
• A fully restored 600-sq.m. fermentation cellar in the village of Saint-Christoly de Médoc
• An environmentally-friendly wine storage cellar made from concrete and wood to create the ideal conditions for keeping our bottles.