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The grapes are fermented at a low temperature. Extraction is carried out by pumping over in the concrete vats and by manually punching down the cap in the wooden vats.

The grapes are left to macerate for 20 days, during which time the lees are stirred daily to develop the texture, softness and body of the wine.

Running Off:

  • Clos Manou in barrels;
  • Petit Manou in vats.

The cap is pressed in a vertical wooden-cage press.
All pressed wine is kept separate from the free-run juice before the blending starts.

From ageing to bottling

Clos Manou: our wines are aged for 17 months in new barrels made exclusively from French oak and medium toasted.
For 10 weeks or so, we rotate the barrels once each week to suspend the lees and give the wine a creamy texture, which brings body and aromas to the middle palate.

Petit Manou: we approach these wines with the same spirit and values as for our premier wine, but to ensure they are well balanced the wines are aged for 12 months in barrels previously used for our Clos Manou.

Racking is carried out just twice during the ageing period.

Our wines are bottled without fining or filtering and under a carbon dioxide blanket to prevent any premature oxidisation.