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Our soils

The Clos Manou vineyard is made up in equal parts of three distinctive but complementary styles of terroir or soil:

1° Deep gravel on clay: located on the edge of the Gironde estuary, this soil is recognised as the cream of the crop in the Médoc for producing great wines.
The gravelly composition of these soils is what brings finesse, strength and depth. It is so complete this soil is almost enough by itself.

2° Sandy gravel: set at the foot of the slope, this soil is more complicated to manage as it drains too well, so needs extra help from cover plants to soak up the water before it is absorbed by the vine roots.
The sandy quality of this soil is what creates the elegant aromas and the fine tannic structure in our wines, resulting in aromatic wines with a lacy mouth feel.

3° Clay on limestone: in the village of Couqueques, this cooler, more fertile soil requires sufficient ground cover to compete with the vines and thus temper their vigour.
The clay-limestone composition of this soil brings strength, richness and abundance.