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Clos Manou vineyard grows four varieties of grapes:

  • 45% Cabernet-Sauvignon
  • 45% Merlot, including one parcel of land dating from the 1850s, which survived the great phylloxera epidemic.
  • 6% Old Cabernet Franc.
  • 4% Petit Verdot , from massale selection (i.e. non cloned).

The average age of all our vines is 40.

How do we cultivate our vines?

Each parcel of vines is managed individually.

For each parcel, we carry out soil testing and plant analysis to help us balance out and dose the mineral substances required to nurture our vines.

All this time and effort ensures the very best of the terroir is passed onto the grapes.

Soil management:

Our objective is to eliminate the need for weed killers altogether through ploughing and soil scraping.
We only practice ploughing on a portion of our vines, since the remainder of the vines need to develop deep roots in the soil before they can be fully ploughed.

Phytosanitary protection on the vineyards:

We like to keep ourselves well informed on the latest developments in organic farming.
Our ambition is to tend towards the most natural methods available.
However, our objective remains first and foremost to produce grapes that are in perfect condition the moment they are picked from the vine.

Vineyard practices:

We carry out all farming practices during the vine growth cycle by hand ourselves, with help from regular seasonal workers, trained and experienced in the various operations at our vineyard: de-suckering (removing unwanted shoots), leaf thinning, removal of secondary shoots, crop reduction—all the operations required to improve the maturity and consistency of our crops.